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"Try not to become a man of success but rather a man of value." -Albert Einstein

"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principle difference between a dog and a man." -Mark Twain

"Style is something peculiar to one person; it expresses one personality and only one; it cannot be shared." -Freya Stark

"The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth, from a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spiders web." -Pablo Picasso

"Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of Time, you are incomparable." -Brenda Ueland

"But if you have nothing at all to create, then perhaps you can create yourself." -Carl Jung

"It is human to think wisely and act foolish." -Unknown

"Nothing pains more people than having to think." -Martin Luther King Jr.

"Every human being on earth is born with a tragedy, and it isn't original sin.  He's born with the tragedy that he has to grow up.  A lot of people don't have the courage to do it." -Helen Hayes

"I don't think much of a man who isn't wiser today than he was yesterday." -Abraham Lincoln

"Am I not destroying my enemies when I make friends of them." -Abraham Lincoln

"Love your enemies for they tell you  your faults." -Benjamin Franklin

"A leader who does not hesitate before sending his nation into battle is not fit to be a leader." -Golda Meir

"The difference between an educated man and an uneducated man is the same difference between being alive and dead." -Aristotle

"In order to be a realist you must believe in miracles." -David Ben-Gurion

"The best way to convince a fool he's wrong is to let him have his own way." -Josh Billings

"People are what they believe." -Anton Chekhov

"A coach is someone who always makes you do what you don't want to, so you can be who you've always wanted to be." -Tom Landry

"Grownups never understand anything for themselves, and it is tiresome for children to be always and forever explaining things to them." -Antoine De Saint-Exupery

"Every person is an exception." -Soren Klerkegaard

"Blessed be childhood, which brings down something of heaven into the midst of our rough earthiness." -Henri Fcederic Amiel

"People don't resist change as much as the way they are changed." -Anonymous

"Nearly everybody thinks less than he knows and more than he thinks." -Anonymous

"It's no secret -the people who live long are those that long to live." -Anonymous

"A friend represents a world in us, a world possibly not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born." -Anais Nin

"Children are a poor man's riches." -English proverb

"We want people to feel with us more than to act for us." -George Eliot

"A great many people think they are thinking when they are merely rearranging their prejudices." -William James

"No culture can live if it attempts to be exclusive." -Mahatma Gandhi

"People do not like to think. If one thinks, one must reach conclusions.  Conclusions are not always pleasant." -Helen Keller

"Do not neglect to show hospitality to strangers, for by this some have entertained angels unaware." -Hebrews 13:2

"A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject." -Winston Churchill

"A friend is a present you give yourself." -Anonymous

"Begin the day with friendliness and only friends you'll find.  Yes, greet the dawn with happiness; keep happy thoughts in mind." -Frank B. Whitney

"The most valuable antiques are old friends." -Unknown

"A friend is what the heart needs all the time." -Henry Van Dyke

"A great man is he who has not lost the heart of a child." -Menicus

"Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects." -Will Rogers

"A woman is like a tea bag. You never know how strong she is until she gets into hot water." -Eleanor Roosevelt

"As I grow older I pay less attention to what men say.  I just watch what they do." -Andrew Carnegie

"The first man gets the oyster, the second man gets the shell." -Andrew Carnegie

"When someone tells you the truth, lets you think for yourself, experience your own emotions, he is treating you as a true equal. As a friend." -Whitney Otto

"It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous, that you realize just how much you love them." -Agatha Christie

"I know why families were created, with all their imperfections.  They humanize you.  They are made to make you forget yourself occasionally, so that the beautiful balance of life is not destroyed." -Anais Nin

"We are all the same people we were at three, six, ten, or twenty years old.  More noticeably so, at six or seven because we were not pretending so much then." -Agatha Chrisite

"A cynical young person is almost the saddest sight to see, because it means that he or she has gone from knowing nothing to believing nothing." -Maya Angelou

"The soul is healed by being with children." -Fyodor Dostoyeuski

"Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some people move our souls to dance. They awake us to new understanding with the passing whisper of their wisdom.  Some people make the sky more beautiful to gaze upon.  They stay in our lives for awhile, leave footprints on our hearts, and we are never ever the same." -Unknown

"A friends word is the truth itself." -Alexandre Dumas

"You can measure a man by the opposition it takes to discourage him." -Robert C. Savage

"Heros come along when you need them." -Ronald Steel

"Being American is not a matter of birth.  We must practice it every day, lest we become something else." -Malcolm Wallop

"The people I admire most are not those who treat their enemies as enemies but those who treat their enemies as friends." -unknown

"We can learn much from wise words, little from wise cracks and less from wise guys." -William Arthur Ward

"A person has two legs and one sense of humor, and if you're faced with the choice, it's better to lose a leg." -Charles Linder

"It is the heart that makes a man rich. He is rich according to what he is, not according to what he has." -Henry Ward Beecher

"I believe it is the nature of people to be heroes, given a chance." -James A Autry

"I believe every person has a heart and if you reach it, you can make a difference." -Uli Derickson

"They say a person needs just these things to be truly happy in this world: Someone to love, something to do, and something to hope for." -Tom Bodett

"Please continue to look at your children as valuable treasures.  Honor them and yourself." -Bernie Siegel

"A child needs your love most when she deserves it the least." -Anonymous

"You cannot teach people anything.  You can only help them discover it within themselves." -Galileo

"God could not be everywhere and so he made mothers." -Jewish proverb

"Two men look out through the same bars; one sees mud and one the stars." -Frederick Langbridge

"There are men and women who make the world better just by being the kind of people they are.  They have the gift of kindness or courage or loyalty or integrity.  It really matters very little whether they are behind the wheel of a truck or running a business or bringing up a family.  They teach the truth by living it." -James A. Garfield

"Great occasions do not make heroes or cowards; they simply unveil them to the eyes of men.  Silently and imperceptibly, as we wake or sleep, we grow strong or weak; and at last some crisis shows what we have become." -Brooke Foss Westcott

"My mother had a great deal of trouble with me, but I think she enjoyed it." -Mark Twain

"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are.  I don't believe in circumstances.  The people who get on in this world are e the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find them, they make them." -George Bernard Shaw

"To be black and female in a society that is both racist and sexist, is to be in a unique position of having nowhere to go but up." -Rosemary Brown

"Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions.  Small people always do that, but the really great ones make you feel that you too, can become great." -Mark Twain

"But if you have nothing at all to create, then perhaps you create yourself." -Carl Jung

"Since you are like no other being ever created since the beginning of time, you are incomparable." -Brenda Ueland

"The artist is a receptacle for emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth. From a scrap of paper, from a passing shape, from a spiders web." -Pablo Picasso

"Style is something peculiar to one person; it expresses one personality and one only; it cannot be shared." -Freya Stark